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We provide services to achieve individual, team and organisational effectiveness.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching focuses on personal awareness and targeted skills to improve work performance. Self awareness and behavioural change is facilitated by working on the leader’s challenges.

Leadership development

We design and delivers leadership development programs to enhance leadership capability in organisations. We offer both customised and tailored programs. Customised programs start with a blank sheet of paper and develop a learning solution to foster the required skills and behaviours in leaders. Tailored programs adapt an existing program to suit the development needs and learning preferences of leaders.

Programs developed by us include:

  • Leading change
  • The emotional intelligent leader
  • Managing performance

Personal development

Our personal development practice offers behavioural change and skills building program to improve personal effectiveness. These programs are designed for staff at all levels who have a focus on continuous improvement.

Programs offered are:

  • Dealing with change
  • Managing self
  • Influencing and managing upwards

Team development

Team development enhances teams’ ability to work together on shared goals, solve problems and manage conflict.

We help teams work more effectively together by focusing on the key building blocks of team performance: purpose, roles, shared accountabilities, team processes and relationships.

Change management

People are the key to managing change successfully. Whether the change is an implementation of an IT system, a restructure, a merger or culture change, the success of the change is dependent on they way people are treated and involved during the change process.

We focus on the people side of change and supports organisations to develop change management strategies that engage, align and commit people to the change.