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Change management

Numerous studies (McKinsey (2008), Kotter (1996), Marks (2007), Palmer, King and Kelleher (2004) have shown that 75% of change efforts fail. This is an alarming statistic!

Why do they fail?

They do not yield the promised results because the emphasis is heavily focused on the tangible aspects of change (i.e. data collection, project management, writing reports, designing the technology) and less on the behaviours and emotions of those impacted by the change. To persuade people to shift from familiarity to something new requires tapping into their emotions and supporting them to deal with the change.

We focus on the psychological stages of transitioning that is often neglected in change. We help leaders become more aware of these unseen dynamics and provide them with skills and tools to deal successfully with the people aspect of change.

We have been assisting organisations with change for several years and during this time have developed the Léargas Change Roadmap to provide direction for the change effort. This model is a hybrid of a process flow (order of steps to take) and a framework (activities to address). It acts as a compass to guide the change effort. We also offer tools to support execution of the activities in the Léargas change roadmap.

Our change management services include:

  • Designing and implementing change management strategies to support change initiatives
  • Developing workshops on leading and managing change
  • Designing change resource toolkits
  • Developing stakeholder engagement and communications plans
  • Coaching change leaders and change teams

Léargas Change Roadmap

href=“/images/models/Leargas-Change-Roadmapv3.png”>Léargas change roadmap