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Leadership development

Our leadership development programs draw on the principles of self-directed behaviour change by helping leaders gain awareness between their actual and ideal self, and by developing goals and actions for personal growth.

We use a variety of lectures, role-plays, experiential work, discussions, video clips and reflection exercises to cater for the different learning styles. The development also incorporates principles of action learning by giving leaders the space to work on ‘live’ issues and to reflect on the learnings.

The programs we offer are:

  • Leading change — focus on both the rational and emotional side of change; the rational side represents activities on planning, assessing, implementing and evaluating change, and the emotional side represents managing the psychological transition and resistance to change. We use the Léargas Change Roadmap to guide the planning and implementation of a change initiative. Core skills for leading and managing change are practiced using a ‘real live’ change project.
  • The emotional intelligent leader — draws on Daniel Goleman’s model of emotional intelligent competencies. The aim of the program is to build self awareness of impact on others, to better manage oneself in challenging situations, and to form healthy relationships with others.
  • Managing performance — provide leaders with an opportunity to develop skills and knowledge in key phases of the performance management cycle: developing goals, coaching, providing feedback, handling difficult conversations and assessing performance.