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Team development

We work closely with the team to create the conditions for high performance. Team development begins with using a team effectiveness diagnostic to ascertain what is working and not working in the team. The data from this diagnosis informs the design of the program.

Key focus areas typically covered in a team development program are:

  • Clarify the purpose of the team
  • Develop a shared understanding of mutual accountabilities and roles
  • Establish points of interdependencies in the team operating environment
  • Upskill on team processes including decision making, conflict management and meetings management
  • Improve relationships between team members
  • Foster trust, clear communication and openess

We offer team coaching as a way to improve team dynamics and to help repair teams that are not working cohesively. Trust, communication and accountability are central themes in team coaching. Coaching sessions are typically held during teams' business meetings. As the team works on its usual business, we work with the team as a whole on its collective process and dynamics. Team members are encouraged to provide each other with feedback and explore their own capability within the team.

The outcomes of participating in a team development journey are:

  • Alignment around a clear, compelling direction

  • Clarity on shared roles and responsibilities

  • Clear, straightforward communication and increased levels of

  • Energised team with stronger leadership capability

  • Healthy and functional relationships