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Why choose Léargas?

There are many consultants and firms offering similar services in the market.

Some are capable and successfully satisfy the client. Others are mediocre, overpriced and inappropriately shoehorn a product to fit the problem rather than design an approach specific to the situation.

Léargas is different. Our promise is to leave you “truly delighted” and not “just satisfied”.

  1. Pauline is a registered Organisational Psychologist with deep expertise in applying knowledge from the behavioural sciences to enhance employee performance.
  2. We provide evidenced based frameworks and apply structured thinking to clients' problems and provide practical uncomplicated solutions.
  3. We can offer you cost effective solutions because we do not have the large overhead costs of the larger consulting firms.
  4. We deeply care that we provide you with that right solution. Therefore we will invest time with you “off the clock” to ensure that we understand your needs and how they relate to your business goals. We regularly check to ensure that you are receiving a quality service during the consulting assignment.